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Biodiversity Sheet - Moths


Sometimes it is easier to identify animals and plants if you can see a lot of images at once instead of looking through a book. These double-sided, 11 X 17 inch, laminated sheets allow the viewer to scan through 53 colourful images in a flash. We have field tested most of these on all ages, from preschool to retirees, with great results - everyone loves them! Some are organised to cover specific habitats and some concentrate on specific groups of organisms. The sheets also make great placemats.

You may think moths are ranked second to their daytime cousins, the butterflies, but think again! Moths are much more diverse than butterflies and you can attract literally hundreds of species to your back porch light. Look for lunas, sphinxes, three-spots, emeralds, wood-nymphs and prominents with this handy guide to help you.